Monday, November 17, 2008

Shoot the Liar

The colors are flying now,

With the shooting moons

The stars are dying now

This afternoon

The sky’s a hide out

For everything you fear

The façade is melting

As you feel them near

The box is empty

Your head - reversed

You shoot the liar

To break the curse

Which you created

A few months rewound

But you hide in fear now

As the moons hit ground

You hear them whispering

As the breeze hits your ears

You put the flame out

With your tears

You’re frail and fragile

You’re scared and weak

Your lips are kissed

So your words can’t speak

You struggle for sanity

Your peace is at war

You try to sew up

What your insecurities tore

The knots are opening

And the rope’s too thin

For you to walk on

Away from your sins

You’re floating above now

To join the stars

To take you with them

To take you far

Your explanations

Are left to dry

They wave to you

As you head for the sky.

1 comment:

Sindhu said...

"Your lips are kissed So your words can’t speak"

i reallly like this.