Monday, November 17, 2008

I Am.

I’m drifting
I’m shifting
My emotions
From one side to the other--
I’m losing
But I’m choosing
This twisted path
On my own--
I’m a mess
Intertwined in the rest
Of what remains
From the past--
I’m haunted
Much daunted
By my actions
Awaiting reactions--
When the truth exposes itself
On a stage, someplace
The crowd is crowded
Coward, I’m shrouded
Frightened and unprepared
To face all that I’d dared
To have created in the first place--
I’m not dealing
I’m not healing
I’m handcuffed
And I’m the only one with the key
I’m gagged
I’ve dragged
The undeserving
Down this mud path

I am
A mess, a test, an experiment of disaster
The thread, the puppet, and the puppet master

I am
The court, the ball, the key player
The fraud, the fool, and the betrayer

I am a victim
Of malevolence, guilt and blunder
Does it make you wonder
Is it me you really love?

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