Sunday, November 30, 2008


Monochrome identities
Frozen in motion

I freeze
In my infatuation
You’re spotted

They all sit down
You stand out

I follow you
With my eyes

My eyes look askance
In attempt
To construe

The magnitude
Of elation
I get from you

Pull you towards me
Breaths distance away

My words are skipping
On a hidden rope
As they confess

I’m captivated
Much fascinated
By you

I wish to be
The solo orbit
That leads to you.

1 comment:

purplemonk said...

I wish you could hear me say
that i miss you and your sway.

I had the chance to love you,
but i dreamed and missed love too.

Hoping you will hear me,
I wander aimlessly.

Like a planet,
Searching for your orbit.