Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Elegant Confusion

Needles and thread,
The unspoken, the unsaid.
Patch work and mud,
Radiant smiles and blood.
Ink-less, blank page,
Memories wrinkle with age,
The red red nail varnish
And the black sky.

Five page long text,
All of them, and then the rest,
Spotlights and clicks,
And life's supernatural tricks.
One step closer to me,
One heart skips a beat.
The soft pink innocence
And purple confusion.

One step away,
Winter killed day,
Empty tissue box,
With it’s very own lock,
A never-ending playlist,
Burnt letter, broken promise.
Long drives and sunrise,
And the heartless cries.
One whisper, hush
A senseless touch.
So different, so natural, so real,
So confusing.

What goes around,
Makes its way through,
Then lifts itself,
Comes back to haunt you,
Like the cerulean star,
And the black black canvas,
The old pictures and the lies,
The semi-broken sky,
The piano in the jewelry box
And words that make no sense.
No sense, illogical, words dipped in alcohol,
Like yours,
You promised me,
And we danced,
Danced and got lost in this elegant confusion.
You confuse me.

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