Friday, February 27, 2009


The cockroach swam
In the paan and spit
And a hen sat blushing
Over the cow’s first kiss
The bus wheels spun
As Banno the goat,
Looked for her spectacles

Chotti was being sold
For a week’s worth of rice
Half for the family,
Double half for the mice
The saans blamed the bahu
For her gastro-meningitis
Camels wore children as hats
To block out the sun.

It is a well known fact
That camel rides are fun
Thus Granny stories travelled
From generation to generation
Sometimes delayed en route
By collapsed car engines.

Ramu quit his job to be
Just like Rajnikaanth
Munni married clerk Prasad
To please her grand aunt
Village ladies swayed their hips
While their bangles played songs,
The elders sat around the fire,
Puffing on their bongs.

Dogs sat around
Watching a drunken brawl
Rodents watched the sunset
The tourist was appalled
There is absolutely nothing
That you wouldn’t find here
Welcome to a journey
Through Mother India.

Ah! More nonsense!

Big cars, small cars,
Fancy dilapidated cars,
Enter the city’s farce.

Fat cows, traffic cows,
Keeping the traffic slow,
Traffic cops are no show

Order, disorder,
Disorder in order,
The cow controls the law, dear!

Cows horns, drivers limbs,
Signal their where abouts,
Signaling the way out.

Cattle and traffic jams
Mutton, beef, ham jams
Non-vegetarian scam.

Nonsense Poems - Billboard

A lizard pundit once

Thought it wise

To shed his disguise

At spiritual meetings

To help meet the Lord

Due to migrating flies

That stopped mating

Resembling his lack of dating

We are deviating

From the topic

“You see my fellow citizens,

Lions fearful of the hare

Hide in daylight

But your sins wouldn’t dare

So we must gather to prepare

Cook them,

And store on a shelf

Hence guiding you to

Get in touch with your inner self

While the lizard advertised

And filled cups with advice

On solutions for inner doubt

There was yet another device

Devoid of flies

For comfort inside out

Ironically placed beside,

(Putting all else aside),

An invitation to meet God

Lux Cosy decided to claim

Using an instrument of fame

That they had the perfect solution

To liberate inner shame

Hrithik Roshan flaunted underwear

Making the locals aware

Of comfort that can be felt

If they would only care

To purchase a pack or two,

One for pundit, one for you,

And united you could say

Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai

Nonsense poems - Good Life

Bones and stones

And stoney bones

Tomato and potato

Potato flavored tomatoes

Spit and spatter

Gruesome matter

One left slipper

An expired nail clipper

These are the village cow

Basanti’s dinner

She produces milk

And as smooth as silk

The contents include

From all things crude

To all things shroud

Shroud to crude

Polite and rude

As the children drink

Watched over by the wife

I say, welcome to the Good Life!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nonsense Poems - Indian Bus Ride

This bus is a cup,

Brimming with creatures,

Big nose, small toes,

And other amusing features.

From here to there,

To every type of where,

Jump on, jump in,

Inhale the stink.

Enjoy the view,

And mind your head,


Manna hai.

If there’s no place,

You’ll have to sit inside,

Don’t mind that stench,

Hygiene just died.

And finally,

When you’re settled in,

You’ll hear the conductor say,

Aap ka stop aa gaya hai.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Your lips are sealing,

And you’re slowly feeling,

Feeling, feeling,


Your scars were healing,

Till you felt like screaming,

Screaming, screaming,

Through them.

You’re slowly hating,

And contemplating,

The realism in the reality,

Of contentment.

You’re tired of playing,

And persistently swaying,

Swaying, swaying,


Your mental sway,

Has no cadence.

You cannot sense,

What you are feeling.

You’re settling,

Into the numb.

You find veracity in now.