Saturday, March 14, 2009


Jabber mute

Jabber, blabber, jabber

Words using your throat

As a ladder

And bursting out of your mouth


Manicured scratching

, peeling, scratching

Peel off your paranoia



Let it out

Destruction, break it,

Break it
and exploit

Those pieces

Create it

Live it

Breathe it and

Exhale slow


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Never Stopped To Question Why

Do you contradict your contradictions,

While arguing about what’s right

And wrong,

And possibly something that doesn’t belong

In either category?

Have you questioned limitations

That reality inflicts?

The norms, the rules, society

And being taken too little

Or too seriously?

Do you write to be heard

Or to able to hear yourself

Through the various voices

Trying to shut you up?

Does your sight become

Your sound?

Do you feel unplugged

From yourself?

Feel like the audience

In your own picture?

Feel like an inflated balloon

Thriving to be pierced

Just to let something out?

Do you question

The necessity for these punctures?

Are you feeling?