Sunday, November 30, 2008


Monochrome identities
Frozen in motion

I freeze
In my infatuation
You’re spotted

They all sit down
You stand out

I follow you
With my eyes

My eyes look askance
In attempt
To construe

The magnitude
Of elation
I get from you

Pull you towards me
Breaths distance away

My words are skipping
On a hidden rope
As they confess

I’m captivated
Much fascinated
By you

I wish to be
The solo orbit
That leads to you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Elegant Confusion

Needles and thread,
The unspoken, the unsaid.
Patch work and mud,
Radiant smiles and blood.
Ink-less, blank page,
Memories wrinkle with age,
The red red nail varnish
And the black sky.

Five page long text,
All of them, and then the rest,
Spotlights and clicks,
And life's supernatural tricks.
One step closer to me,
One heart skips a beat.
The soft pink innocence
And purple confusion.

One step away,
Winter killed day,
Empty tissue box,
With it’s very own lock,
A never-ending playlist,
Burnt letter, broken promise.
Long drives and sunrise,
And the heartless cries.
One whisper, hush
A senseless touch.
So different, so natural, so real,
So confusing.

What goes around,
Makes its way through,
Then lifts itself,
Comes back to haunt you,
Like the cerulean star,
And the black black canvas,
The old pictures and the lies,
The semi-broken sky,
The piano in the jewelry box
And words that make no sense.
No sense, illogical, words dipped in alcohol,
Like yours,
You promised me,
And we danced,
Danced and got lost in this elegant confusion.
You confuse me.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Open mouth,

Your words pour out

Like caramel

Flowing through and through

Pulling me closer to you

I might be drowning

Gasping for air

And you’re right there

As always

Standing still

While your mouth does a dance

And your words play the music.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Breathing heavy,
Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Personally connected,
Body connected
Soul disconnected.

Nice to meet you too.

Mute, disconnecting.
Thousand words, million letters,
Playing hide and seek in my head.

Awkward silence, longing kiss,
It feels so right, it feels so right.
This is so wrong.

Verbally emotional,
Physically linked,
It’s been so long.

Leave it all behind,
Leave it all behind.
Let it go.

Ex Lovers

On a flying machine,

Guilt trip, bad trip.

Crashing into your perception of reality,

Your distortion.

Emotional malfunction,

Emotional menace.

Blackmail, threat mail.

Suicide letters, printed anguish.

In a submarine,

Sinking deep, sinking low,

Sinking into your disarray,

Floating on your disorders.

Mental interruption,

Mental cessation.

Future wreck, devastation,

Body, soul - lock up.

In a speeding automobile,

Goodbye, goodbye,

Goodbye sanity,

Goodbye reason and understanding.

Hello, Hello hell.

I Am.

I’m drifting
I’m shifting
My emotions
From one side to the other--
I’m losing
But I’m choosing
This twisted path
On my own--
I’m a mess
Intertwined in the rest
Of what remains
From the past--
I’m haunted
Much daunted
By my actions
Awaiting reactions--
When the truth exposes itself
On a stage, someplace
The crowd is crowded
Coward, I’m shrouded
Frightened and unprepared
To face all that I’d dared
To have created in the first place--
I’m not dealing
I’m not healing
I’m handcuffed
And I’m the only one with the key
I’m gagged
I’ve dragged
The undeserving
Down this mud path

I am
A mess, a test, an experiment of disaster
The thread, the puppet, and the puppet master

I am
The court, the ball, the key player
The fraud, the fool, and the betrayer

I am a victim
Of malevolence, guilt and blunder
Does it make you wonder
Is it me you really love?

Shoot the Liar

The colors are flying now,

With the shooting moons

The stars are dying now

This afternoon

The sky’s a hide out

For everything you fear

The fa├žade is melting

As you feel them near

The box is empty

Your head - reversed

You shoot the liar

To break the curse

Which you created

A few months rewound

But you hide in fear now

As the moons hit ground

You hear them whispering

As the breeze hits your ears

You put the flame out

With your tears

You’re frail and fragile

You’re scared and weak

Your lips are kissed

So your words can’t speak

You struggle for sanity

Your peace is at war

You try to sew up

What your insecurities tore

The knots are opening

And the rope’s too thin

For you to walk on

Away from your sins

You’re floating above now

To join the stars

To take you with them

To take you far

Your explanations

Are left to dry

They wave to you

As you head for the sky.