Friday, February 27, 2009


The cockroach swam
In the paan and spit
And a hen sat blushing
Over the cow’s first kiss
The bus wheels spun
As Banno the goat,
Looked for her spectacles

Chotti was being sold
For a week’s worth of rice
Half for the family,
Double half for the mice
The saans blamed the bahu
For her gastro-meningitis
Camels wore children as hats
To block out the sun.

It is a well known fact
That camel rides are fun
Thus Granny stories travelled
From generation to generation
Sometimes delayed en route
By collapsed car engines.

Ramu quit his job to be
Just like Rajnikaanth
Munni married clerk Prasad
To please her grand aunt
Village ladies swayed their hips
While their bangles played songs,
The elders sat around the fire,
Puffing on their bongs.

Dogs sat around
Watching a drunken brawl
Rodents watched the sunset
The tourist was appalled
There is absolutely nothing
That you wouldn’t find here
Welcome to a journey
Through Mother India.

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