Friday, February 27, 2009

Nonsense Poems - Billboard

A lizard pundit once

Thought it wise

To shed his disguise

At spiritual meetings

To help meet the Lord

Due to migrating flies

That stopped mating

Resembling his lack of dating

We are deviating

From the topic

“You see my fellow citizens,

Lions fearful of the hare

Hide in daylight

But your sins wouldn’t dare

So we must gather to prepare

Cook them,

And store on a shelf

Hence guiding you to

Get in touch with your inner self

While the lizard advertised

And filled cups with advice

On solutions for inner doubt

There was yet another device

Devoid of flies

For comfort inside out

Ironically placed beside,

(Putting all else aside),

An invitation to meet God

Lux Cosy decided to claim

Using an instrument of fame

That they had the perfect solution

To liberate inner shame

Hrithik Roshan flaunted underwear

Making the locals aware

Of comfort that can be felt

If they would only care

To purchase a pack or two,

One for pundit, one for you,

And united you could say

Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai

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