Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Reject, redial,
The phone line’s fragile
Under the pressure
Of restless words
Lost inner connection
Between thoughts,
Between dealings
And misleading
Fast forwarded years,
Pause, stop, play
End of one phase,
And the beginning of another,
That begins at the end,
Of relations with another
Who you smother
With enough to burst the ego
The super large ego
Bursting at the seams
Step out, step down,
Cold, shudder,
Give up, give away,
Groan, moan, sigh
Hopeless hoping
Escaping to imprisonment
Of body mind soul
The works, the whole
Losing control
Forward spiral
Swivel backwards side
White, pure white chaos.


Yogi said...

Like the Title!
Nice stuff! u should write more often!

Wasted Marionette said...

Thanks :)